All fire extinguishers are useless if you can't find them

There are many types of fire extinguishers and you should be able to choose the one that suits your needs. For example, using a 6 kg extinguisher bottle is too demanding for the elderly or child. The fire blanket is effective, but it can't put out fire behind a shelf. A small foam extinguisher is easy to use and not messy, but it must be nearby in the start of the fire. All fire extinguishers are useless if you can't find them.


Every home should have one 6 kg 
bottle. Firefighters prefer foam ones.
It doesn't make dust cloud that
mess and go into the lungs.


120x180cm protects you from

burning and suffocates flames.

Best way to turn off a small 

grease fire. Review video.


Spray 750ml is a compact, effective 

and easy-to-clean. Extinguishes ABF. Soon available also another small 

extinguisher suitable for children.

Classes of fire

A - carbonaceous solids (wood, paper and cloth ),
B - combustible liquids (oil, petrol and paint),
C - gases, D - metals, F - fats.